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Monarch of Hell By AngelCoffee64 Updated Apr 21

[[Story begins September 13, 2016]]

Mark Fischbach stormed out of his apartment, convincing himself not to cry. Who knew Septiplier wasn't meant to be? Mitch Grassi shuffled by his sleeping ex after a night of crying in his room. Scomiche just didn't work out. The two recent heartbreaks walk into the same café by coincidence, both of them tired of being recognized. Leading each other through love and consequences, these two boys might just change one another...

multi_l0ve multi_l0ve Mar 21
I just came by after following you. Wat the fuvk is this 😂 I'm sure it's amazing though I've never seen something like it.
ignore_thisaccount ignore_thisaccount Nov 08, 2016
Before I start this, Imma just say that I ship Scomiche and Septiplier, but who knows....I might end up shipping Mitch and Mark by the end of this!
mariavictoriak_ mariavictoriak_ Jul 28, 2016
Mitch and Mark? I haven't even started and I love this already. Multifandom people are cool, apparently.
ScomicheKavi ScomicheKavi Oct 07, 2016
(Ps: finally a book with my secret ship that I thought everyone hated! Thank god I found you)