The Kliana Empire Series: Dragon Nymph

The Kliana Empire Series: Dragon Nymph

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Diaval Thrid By Illeandir Completed

Freya Wilde, her name says it all. She'd rather run wild in the wind than wallow in society's mud. Fiercely independent and not afraid to get dirty, she's better suited for the hard life -- which is exactly what she lives.

But when her father is burned alive at the stake and Freya stoned within an inch of her life, the hard life becomes impossible. 

With a would-be captor on her trail, Freya must trust the kindness of a stranger, or find herself in shackles.

Book One of the Kliana Empire Series

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#56 in Fantasy. 12/23/16


Note: This story is not the final draft and parts may reflect that. Nonetheless I encourage you to read it and give any feedback you feel necessary to the further development of this story.

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ZoeLamb ZoeLamb May 31
Ohhhhhhhhh is that how u managed to insert the pics??? I've done that for foreign names and languages, I'll have to try pics now too!
carolfaroll carolfaroll May 15
No, because the first thing that happens is a long exposition about setting. It's boring. Give me insight into Freya's personality first... like with an argument betwixt Phillip and her.
duchessdome duchessdome Sep 07
I love the beginning... Very attention getting. I look forward to enjoying the rest of the story
ZoeLamb ZoeLamb May 31
I think she's boss. I'vecarried sacks of oats before. Traveling a mile with two like its nothing. Respect. I also love how she handled the horse
                              WHAT ARE YOU DOING KILLING OFF WESLEY?!
ZoeLamb ZoeLamb May 31