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The Kliana Empire Series: Dragon Nymph

The Kliana Empire Series: Dragon Nymph

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The Dark Lord By Illeandir Completed

Freya Wilde, her name says it all. She'd rather run wild in the wind than wallow in society's mud. Fiercely independent and not afraid to get dirty, she's better suited for the hard life -- which is exactly what she lives.

But when her father is burned alive at the stake and Freya stoned within an inch of her life, the hard life becomes impossible. 

With a would-be captor on her trail, Freya must trust the kindness of a stranger, or find herself in shackles.

Book One of the Kliana Empire Series

Highest Ranking:

#56 in Fantasy. 12/23/16


Note: This story is not the final draft and parts may reflect that. Nonetheless I encourage you to read it and give any feedback you feel necessary to the further development of this story.

carolfaroll carolfaroll May 15
No, because the first thing that happens is a long exposition about setting. It's boring. Give me insight into Freya's personality first... like with an argument betwixt Phillip and her.
The descriptions are good but long, I like them but if they could be simplified down, and put in more action and interaction to characterize her and keep the reader interested
She seems kind of delicate and simple (similar to what others said) but I like it so far
carolfaroll carolfaroll May 15
As someone with scars from chickens, I can atest to the awful nature of chickens(bird devils)
Geosphere21 Geosphere21 Apr 16
I felt I could compare her to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I feel as though it was when belle was walking threw the town. When she hadn't met the beast and didnt know what the world had in store for her. I really like her so far😁
Personally I like descriptions and long intro's but I know others don't as much so maybe a good alternative would be an interaction with the horse.  The only thing that's confusing is the horse and the man- it's just a little vague