Werewolf Wings

Werewolf Wings

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Alexandra By Packwolf2004 Updated Jan 07, 2017

To the outside world, Nevessa Hawkings is a normal 16 year old girl, but she is FAR from normal. All her life she has been running, running from her family, her history, and most of all, monsters. Nevessa has a very interesting family. Her mom was the queen of all werewolves, and her dad is Poseidon. Not a random guy named after a Greek God, but the Greek God named Poseidon. One of the three sons of Kronos. Her mom died when she was ten years old, and she is next up to the throne. So she's been running until now. Now she finally thinks she found a home. But when the head cheerleader turns into a demon and bites her best friend, he tells her to go to "Dragons Gate" to save his life before he slips into a coma. When she goes to this strange place that she's heard about, she is greeted with friends, family and a mate.

But when she shifts for the first time, her friend is the only one who can save her.

So everyone gets to know her wolf first

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