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Connor Smith By 411connor Updated May 08, 2016

My girlfriend @kattriology wrote a nice little story of her life at the moment, so I was inspired to write one too.

But in this story, I'm going to go back in time, to almost four years ago.

I was a weird boy, still only 11 years old, and I was still really immature, silly, and obnoxious. I had a handful of friends at school. I just finished elementary school, and I was starting summer, prepared to start the middle school part of my life that was coming up in a few months.

When I say "I was a weird boy", I really mean it. I had a... bizarre fascination with cartoons. When i was around eight or so, I became a fanboy of the cartoon "Phineas and Ferb", and I would obsess over the cartoon characters, almost to an unhealthy point. I eventually lost interest in Phineas and Ferb, but not with cartoons in general.

In April 2012, I started watching this show called My Little Pony. I had heard about the odd following the show had, consisting of teenage-to-middle aged men called bronies. I decided to watch an episode, and I got hooked almost immediately. At the time, I would go to a chat website named Xat, which hosted thousands and thousands of different chatrooms. I eventually went to a random MLP chat and got banned quickly because I was being obnoxious and stupid.

So, one day I was searching for more pony chats, and in early June 2012, I stumbled upon this chat named "Bronystorm". I entered the chat and I met a couple of users named "Alex" and "Soviet Brony". I built a friendship with them, and soon Bronystorm was my favorite place to go to. Every day during the summer, for many many hours, I would hop on Bronystorm and talk with the few people that were there. At first it was those two and me, but then the chat gained popularity. I met some of the most amazing people there, some of which I still have a friendship with today, over four years later. Among the people I met there that would later seriously change my life was a girl named Lilly and a guy named Soarin.