The Moments That Became A Memory

The Moments That Became A Memory

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olivia_w98 By olivia_w98 Updated Jun 01, 2016

April 17th 2016. 3 Months Ago.
I gripped Cooper's hand, not wanting to accept the reality of our situation. 
I glanced at Cooper. He had the same look of shock as I.
"How do we fight this? What is the best proven treatment?" I demanded, praying for a treatment that would work. A treatment that would save my husband.
"Well, as you know," the doctor began, "your husband's cancer has progressed quite far. Right now, it's stage three. It's not yet terminal, but every treatment has risks. I would recommend radiation therapy-" 
"No chemo." Stated Cooper. As the doctor began to explain alternate methods of treatment, I interrupted him.
"What do you mean, no chemo? I think we should talk about-"
"No chemo." He stated once again. "No chemo. I cannot- I will not slowly die in front of you, in front of our children. I will not become weak and useless."
"The only other treatment I would recommend would be surgery. Here is some information on the surgery, what to expect, the statistics. Everything you need to know. If you have any questions feel free to call."
As we walked back to our car in silence, Cooper grabbed my hand. 
"We're going to get through this together Elizabeth. We'll be okay. We always have, and we always will."
*** This story has some mild language and sexual content***

***NOTE: This is a rough draft. Grammar, diction and syntax errors will be corrected at a later time.

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