A Chance (Under Rewrite)

A Chance (Under Rewrite)

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Joan Dorantes By Joan0324 Updated Jul 29, 2018

Edward is a musician in search for a easy way to make a good fortune. As he wonders around the streets of Seattle, he comes across an old high school friend, Jacob Black. 

Jacob is soon to be married... but is in love with another woman. 

Jacob, a man with a great fortune and a beautiful fiancé offers Edward a home, protection and clothing until he figures something out. Jacob knows the one thing that ties his fiancé and best friend together, he know the past. A past that threatens to come back. 

The wedding bells are ringing and time is running out. 

Edward knows it's wrong to love a woman that cannot be his, a beautiful woman who has haunted his dreams for years but passion, once it's let in, cannot go away.

Story Theme Song: Nobody ~ Selena Gomez

  • affair
  • bella
  • edward
  • jacob
  • love
  • reencounter
  • sixyears
victoriaalves2607 victoriaalves2607 Apr 30, 2018
I think it's a bit disconnected with the previous paragraph 😕 Because Jacob didn't even asked Edward to come home with him... Im just trying to help you in your rewrite journey 😊
victoriaalves2607 victoriaalves2607 Apr 30, 2018
Btw, I liked you old plot very much! Hope i'll like this one too 🤗
MahekVerma MahekVerma May 17, 2018
Y this is little confusing?  I mean 1 paragraph  is written 2 or 3 times
Jimxclaire Jimxclaire Aug 21, 2017
Although it's hurts, I'll be the first to say that I wrong. Oh I know it's probably much too late, trying to apologize for my mistakes, I just want you to know! I hope he buys you flower and holds your hand.
millerp4939 millerp4939 Oct 13, 2016
I like this story but I hope you don't take too long writing this book❤🙏📘