Target Heart|| Civil War Fanfiction

Target Heart|| Civil War Fanfiction

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Olivia Stone aka Gem Stone is the one person you don't ever want to mess with.
Smart, funny, sarcastic, you'd think she was normal.
Except for the fact that she's 103, an Avenger and was one a government experiment.

Code named Gem Stone for the sapphire like telekinetic smoke she produces, she's a weapon of destruction. Telekinetic, telepathic and a teleporter, Olivia has almost everything a girl could ask for. A best friend, a family, an apprentice...

All except for him.

In 1944 Olivia lost him.
In 2014 she found him.
And now, she could get him back forever

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ElectricShock95 ElectricShock95 Mar 28, 2018
She had a tendency to swear like a sailor of the Titanic when my father was around, and he was always laughing at my delicate mother swearing her head off.
ElectricShock95 ElectricShock95 Mar 28, 2018
If it weren't for my mothers voice that rang through my head, reminding me how unladylike swearing was.
JinxedSanity JinxedSanity Mar 14, 2018
To me, and the weird way my brain works, in this picture it looks like he is aiming at her, and she is looking directly at him while he is doing so, like “go ahead, try it. I dare you”
like-the-mad-hatter like-the-mad-hatter Jun 16, 2018
as soon as I read December, my brain made the shortcut to "December 16, 1991."