Don't Let Go

Don't Let Go

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"You don't have to cry no more when you break my heart into 24"

Marco snaps. He begins to get tired of chasing after Star. You really can't blame him though. If you like someone and all they wanted to do was get with another, would you stick around to watch as your heart breaks in 24 pieces.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star vs. the forces of evil.
Special thanks to @StarcoLover99 for giving me the idea to write this story!

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AStellarEclipse AStellarEclipse Dec 30, 2017
                              MARCO IS MY AWKWARD SMÒL BEAN SON
                              MARCO DONT HURT YOSELF SON
StarMarco4ever StarMarco4ever May 09, 2016
Oh my god... I'm already in love with this book! The writing is perfection! I hope you update soon.
StarcoLover99 StarcoLover99 May 09, 2016
I'm not bored, Marco!! And this story is amazing, Nina! Keep it up!! *Hugs*