Rain ※ Jikook

Rain ※ Jikook

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Jeon Jungkook, heir to the Jeon group and the finest man in history. The youngest owner of automobiles and popular. 

When a cat jumps into his life, ends up calling him master..



[05/13/16 - 05/26/16/]



Listen notch what do you do all day besides call another man that isn't your husband daddy. Bitch woulda thought I let that slide
sloooopy sloooopy Jul 19
Omg I'm a scardy cat and it will be impossible for me not to call the police by now
relijin relijin May 20
Tbfh I'd probably loose it if I'm home alone plus there's a thunderstorm and the lights are threatening to go off
kpoptrash09 kpoptrash09 May 03
Every Kim begins with K, (get it cause the jewelry company...ok ill go)
kpoptrash09 kpoptrash09 May 03
Hehehe, I'm imagining him as those kdrama actors with shower scenes hehehehehehehe I'm a perv lol