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Alcor's Revenge

Alcor's Revenge

21.3K Reads 899 Votes 12 Part Story
MangoCat409 By MangoCat409 Completed

What if you were lied to your whole life? What if someone said that your sworn enemy is your father? What if you were told a fact of being demon?

Welcome to 'Dipper Pines' life....

LeslieSigney LeslieSigney Sep 19, 2016
Whoa.... Whoa... Whoa.... Hold up! I did not expect this!..... Three words:I am surprised.
I had a similar reaction when i was told i was going to be a big brother, my new sis was my enermy 😃
How would dipper remember birth? How would he know what Ford was thinking- I should stop complaining and keep reading
My mom yelled "I knew it!" when I showed this. She said it's because Bill and dipper remind her of my little brother and our dad
Pegasister60 Pegasister60 Jun 10, 2016
Wait.... If its in the big Dipper.... ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!