She's Watching #Wattys2016

She's Watching #Wattys2016

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The average person believes that only a man can due such a crime... But, crimes weren't meant to punish JUST the men... 

Why can't women stalk too?

Chris Brown Fan Fiction


beautifulflaws_ beautifulflaws_ Dec 21, 2016
Bruh when he said he was insecure about his teeth I was done. 😭😭😭😭😭
-littyvibes -littyvibes Sep 05, 2016
Look at dis perfection right here...makes me so happy that I wake up to his face every morning...
                              Cause when my alarm go off I look at my phone and he my screen saver
-littyvibes -littyvibes Sep 05, 2016
Tbh....why would anybody in their right mind not want to watch his every move...I mean like....that's christopher maurice brown....he's a fuckin godess
MymyBreezy MymyBreezy Jan 01
Check in with me and do ya job lay on the bed then gimme head don't have to ask or have to beg
qveennn__ qveennn__ Aug 11, 2016
i mean.. who wouldn't wanna stalk Chris mf Brown 😍💍😂
BreezyIsDrugs BreezyIsDrugs Oct 25, 2016
Shoot I already be tryna to stalk him so if he was my neighbor, man I'm surely gonna be in his house even tho he doesn't even know I'm  in there