Homicidal Liu x reader

Homicidal Liu x reader

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"You, it can't be true. Your alive" she paused. "How can this be true, you died. Everyone died that day! You can't be alive" 

The boy just looked at her with no emotions. 

"Believe it, I'm alive and well. Just tell me where he is" 

She took a step back and whispered, "You can't be real" she's in denial, "I watched your house burn, I saw the burnt bodies." Her voice cracked. "Your not real" she screamed and ran with tears falling from her eyes. 

'Tsk' "wrong answer" he whispered and took off after her.

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They all vanished within the hospital. At the end of the paragraph it said "or they went missing" that's when people started searching but gave up. Sorry if it wasn't clear! I'm not really good at making books 😅
Just now its mentioned "in a hospital" relating thag this "gave up searching" thing and assuming that they are dead clearly doesnt make sense
AkoAlpaca AkoAlpaca Nov 16
It should be h/c haired girl. Because my hair is black and when I read this sentence it said black girl.