Obsession #1 ✓ (Original Version)

Obsession #1 ✓ (Original Version)

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DFaye By delenatwihard Completed

This is the first book I've ever written! (you've been warned)

Highest rank in werewolf #150

'Hunter, what's wrong?' Hunter has turned away from Hailey, facing her bedroom window. His shoulders were shuddering as a low growl erupted deep in his chest. 
    'I-I can't hold it... any longer... I need to do this,' Hailey swallowed, slightly frightened. Do what? Rape me? She backed away a little, keeping a safe distance.
    'Do what?' she inquired.  He turned around as his mesmerising gold eyes held her's captive. He bared his sharp canines, making Hailey gasp; shocked.
    'Claim you as mine.'
    Hailey Cartwright is your ordinary shy and nerdy girl who loves to dance and has three best friends who are the only ones who acknowledge her existence and one other... Hunter Steele. Hunter Steele is your typical gorgeous bad boy and is future Alpha of the Midnight Moon pack with an unhealthy obsession over Hailey, as his mate. Hailey soon starts to get annoyed by Hunter and his weird claim over her but also starts to fall in love with him. They want to be together but an unexpected visitor arrives in town and is determined to have Hailey as his mate.
    Will Hunter and Hailey fight for their love?
    Right after this story is completed, I will be editing it
    © All rights reserved 2014

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VanillaIceIceBaby VanillaIceIceBaby Jul 19, 2017
Strike one! Hailey should've questioned him how he knew but she was too shocked to comprehend.
SydneyMullen SydneyMullen Aug 15, 2017
didn't the guy try to rape you oh idk two seconds ago? I think he gets a free hallpass for this one but i mean hey i'm just going on a hunch
tae-cookie-chim tae-cookie-chim Jul 21, 2017
Lol just came from watching his parent's story ❤❤❤😍😂
Girl this dude attempted to rape you.... But you're complaining about the threat Hunter made?
LokiGodOf_Mischief LokiGodOf_Mischief Dec 22, 2017
It's weird when a guy compliments the beauty of the other guy.
                              Dan, are you a faggot?
yeemo1234 yeemo1234 Dec 06, 2017
So if someone tries to rape you. Someone saves you hes supposed to be like " heres some cookies and some cake" no