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Knightly (A Reverse Harem)

Knightly (A Reverse Harem)

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FedorablyBeccy By FedorablyBeccy Updated Jun 14

Orion Hart has always been an adventurer. She loved to travel, help people, and fight. Her job as a knight for her kingdom makes her almost free as a bird. Almost. When she gets assigned to find a suitor for the princess, her job is made a million times harder. Orion now has to sacrifice her time to save princes in distress, something she never thought she would do, especially for the stuck up princess. Time to find the perfect prince!

Anything relating to anything in the story is pure coincidence.

Everyone was like '' shoes!  Get your shoes here!" And then that one random person said "fresh apples!" And I was like lmao
You're not supposed to give horses Apples because the acid in the apples breaks down the horses teeth much easier than it does humans
rania_love rania_love Mar 25
No.. no.. not today eonjinga~ any army's out there?? Back to the story
chibbie571 chibbie571 May 27
What? This girl is going to rule? Yeah we better find her a prince  that's capable before she runs this place to the ground
chibbie571 chibbie571 May 27
9 year old me: Oh my gosh! It's already 9:00 pm I need to go to bed!
                              Current me: What time is it?
                              *Looks at clock*
                              12:00 am
                              Me: Oh, it's still pretty early
ZumPauper3 ZumPauper3 May 31
This is how I feel when my caps are thrown away, no 🥘 or when I feel intimidated....