My Mystery Mate

My Mystery Mate

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Werewolves are pack animals, needing the social contact with other wolves and the structure of a Pack to function.  They live to find their mate, raise their pups and serve their Alpha.

Werecats do not.  Jaguars are solitary animals, carving out small individual territories.  They mate only when the female is in season, and the female raises her pups alone until they are old enough to find their own territory.  They don't serve anyone.

So what was Luna thinking when she made one the mate of a Beta in a wolf pack?  We don't know, and it's just one of the things she doesn't know.  When he finds her, a head injury has taken away all her memories.  She has to learn who she is, what she is, and how this man fits in.

He needs her, but every other Pack is trying to kill her.  Will he find love or heartache?  Is there a future for them?  Is she a heartless killer, or something else?

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steamyhot steamyhot Jan 10
Following up on my previous comment, are these real life places?
steamyhot steamyhot Jan 10
Now I know who he was!!!! Wow, it’s like meeting old friends!
LadyVichary LadyVichary Dec 09, 2017
ok now I am confused
                              is not the doc Julia with Wendy as nurse?
                              then why is Wendy now acting like the Doc in the next few chapters not Julia???????
AlexChanning7862 AlexChanning7862 Jul 21, 2017
You didn't show any signs of Julia recognizing Richard as her mate when she treated him when he was first captured, she would have recognized him right away
KillerKat45 KillerKat45 Sep 09, 2016
That would be so f-ed up like seriously what did this guy do to get not only one but two mates dead...
- - May 10, 2016
YES YES YES, so glad Joe is who you decided to place as her mate.  I think this is going to be another hit story for you my friend.