The Riveting Lives of Russell and Sal

The Riveting Lives of Russell and Sal

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[Newly edited and rewritten!]

Russell is a virtuous goth with a Christian upbringing. Sal is a carefree slack-off who would rather work retail than go to college. It was hate at first sight. Until they were forced to partner up in class. After their true feelings surface, Sal learns just how different he is from Russell, and all seems hopeless. How can their relationship last, if Sal is asexual? And that's not their only problem.

Surprisingly unpredictable, The Riveting Lives of Russell and Sal is about two social outcasts that become the most unlikely couple imaginable.

A/N: There is some foul language and adultish themes. Nothing that requires marking this as mature, but I feel it's worth noting anyway.

Winner of the LGBT+ Wattys 2016 for Best Overall Gay Fiction.

[Highest rank: #52.]