The Words on His Skin •Septiplier•

The Words on His Skin •Septiplier•

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It's dead guys By The_Beanie_Babe Updated Mar 02, 2017

Mark struggles with finding his soulmate constantly. Everywhere he turns, he is reminded of what he doesn't have. One day he decides to go ice skating to take his mind off of things, but tragedy soon strikes. iBut sometimes, good things can come from the worst of experiences, and that good things' name is Jack.

--This is based of an AU where the first words your soulmate ever says to you have been tattooed on your skin  since birth--


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luna_of_the_stars luna_of_the_stars Aug 28, 2017
Honestly idk what mine would be but this is an awesome idea!
Septiplier_Trash_Can Septiplier_Trash_Can May 15, 2017
Mine would probably be this
                              Words: Those cat ears a purrfect on you.
                              Me: I can't go a day with out fooken cat ears
neonheadphones neonheadphones Jun 12, 2017
I like how were all just boosting marks ego OUT of this world
TheAverageTrashCan TheAverageTrashCan Dec 02, 2016
hehe mine would be:
                              Do you ship Septiplier?
                              Random Cat fact #196:Cats have over 20 muscles in their ears alone!
RABTRK9 RABTRK9 Jan 13, 2017
words on my skin: are you okay?! 
                              because I cant go a day without accidentally hurting myself??
MiaKelley MiaKelley Jan 05, 2017
Um not the hottest guy in the world? Your The Hottest Guy I know 😻