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{Discontinued} Witch In Love (Sirius Black)

{Discontinued} Witch In Love (Sirius Black)

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❤❤❤ By PotterBlack_Always Updated May 15

Celina Ellice Fawn is as normal and sane as one could be.
But it changed when she turned seven, and strange things begin to happen when she was around. At first her parents thought that she was cursed, but when a very peculiar man comes to deliver Celina a letter, EVERYTHING CHANGES!
With problems between her family, she gets whisked off to 'Hogwarts' - a school for witches and wizards like her. There she meets the most annoying person ever, Sirius Orion Black.
Now the dark times are approaching, and the Dark Lord's army is growing day by day. With these events in sight, Celina will have to face some struggles and will have to make some of the most important decisions of her life as she finds herself falling in love for the boy she once hated so much.
I know the story sucks in the beginning but I promise it gets better after that. Please read vote and comment your honest opinions (I wont mind)
Story discontinued..... Will hopefully be continued later XXX-Haiya

RebekahK97 RebekahK97 Jul 15, 2016
I love Harry Potter and was so sad about Alan! Not just because of HP though he's been in so many other amazing films. Heartbreaking.
HNJahangiri HNJahangiri Jun 10, 2016
Hmm wonderful disclaimer I must say. I should put it up too. This clears my confusions as well, hoping to enjoy the rest 😊
bookwormwhoiscrazy bookwormwhoiscrazy Sep 27, 2016
Her condition is just like Lily except the fact that her parents to hate her
lost0for0words lost0for0words Jul 17, 2016
Whoa, classic harry potter style introduction, i love it! brings me back to the days when i first started reading them, keep it up!
HoustonKoester HoustonKoester Jul 13, 2016
I like it, but wouldn't Dumbledore have to erase their memory? If they are muggles aren't they not supposed to know of the wizarding world? I haven't read many of the books, I've really only watched the movies so I'm not sure xD