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Foresight Azure By foresight_azure Completed

One event sealed his fate.
Now one question threatens to cloud everything that he believes: Do you really know the one you claim to love?

He thought he had left it all behind when he walked out, but there are some things that never leave you even if you try to leave them. Now fate has brought him back home, only to be lost in a labyrinth that promises to reveals terrible secrets at each turn, even while hiding the most important one of them all: who is behind it?

But where do you even start to find the real enemy when the one person, who held the keys to unlock the mystery, has been silenced for eternity? 

When danger lurks just beneath the surface, can you protect the one who has become precious to you? 

Can you unravel the plot, before it is too late?


While I have written the story using the characters names from India TV drama Swaragini,  the characters/personalities or the plot is not similar in any way.

Disclaimer: The plot and all of its characters, are fictitious and hold no resemblance to any real events or people.

All Rights Reserved. 2016

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By the way i am anamica the same girl who comment in your ff in tellyupdates
FallenAngelinBlack FallenAngelinBlack Jul 23, 2016
I love you. Thanks for writing another story on my favourite show.
Minnu_TheDramaQueen Minnu_TheDramaQueen May 17, 2016
Is this Ragsan FF. Thank you I ll loved  this story in tellyupdates. Can you write another FF on Ragsan. My name Akshita aka Minnu. I am also there in Indiaforums
Phoenix2794 Phoenix2794 May 19, 2016
Can you please writ one more swasan story. this one is amazing. they are my favourite couple please write one for them