Dare You To..//taekook//yoomin

Dare You To..//taekook//yoomin

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Wal Tae Melon;) By _baby_kookie_ Updated a day ago

It all started with a dare at a party

"Give me a dare.."
"a dare that's extreme "
"..ok..I dare you too.."

Will he do the dare or not?


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                              Rap mom.😄😂😄😂
I don't even like Taekook but I can sacrifice for the Yoonmin ^-^'
I have a blog post with pictures of Namjoon and his mum.  I named it Rapmom.  XD  She's his Rap Momster.
-Vvantae -Vvantae Oct 16, 2016
Rap mom....
                              XD i have a picture of this mom and namjoons face and it says
                              'when you put rap mon but it auto corrects to rap mom'
ClassicLin ClassicLin May 29, 2016
Sounds like a pretty good story~ just need some help with editing that's all
SashaBrausAOTSNK SashaBrausAOTSNK Aug 27, 2016
Rap-Mom??? XDD I'm sorry that's just too funny to let it slide.