I'll Stay With You

I'll Stay With You

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[ credit for art on cover goes to sofiaruelle on tumblr! ]

He had no one to go to. No one that would understand. Everyone would judge him, but he didn't want to feel alone anymore. But who would listen to him? While jumping through the Paris sky, he saw a girl standing on her balcony. Then he knew, she would be the one to comfort him.

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black_paper_airplane black_paper_airplane May 15, 2017
I have no idea what fluff means in this context bc English is not my first lenguage but it seems good either way
yoongki yoongki May 13
I’m rereading this, the last time I read this was so long ago omg
CamouflagedGrumpyCat CamouflagedGrumpyCat Jul 24, 2017
Don't get me wrong I wrote it because Wattpad asks how was this chapter and I wanted to do this
- - Jun 05, 2017
omg author-chan's profile is mitsuha!!! #kiminonawa lol i really liked the movie considering i actually understand it lol
CamouflagedGrumpyCat CamouflagedGrumpyCat Jul 24, 2017
This chapter really touched my heart! You are very talented in accessing people's emotions
Princess_LilyBug Princess_LilyBug Aug 29, 2016
I'm gonna start this story!!! And get to the newest update by 2am!! It's 12:59 right now!