I'll Stay With You

I'll Stay With You

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[ credit for art on cover goes to sofiaruelle on tumblr! ]

He had no one to go to. No one that would understand. Everyone would judge him, but he didn't want to feel alone anymore. But who would listen to him? While jumping through the Paris sky, he saw a girl standing on her balcony. Then he knew, she would be the one to comfort him.

[ I do not own Miraculous Ladybug ]

I have no idea what fluff means in this context bc English is not my first lenguage but it seems good either way
Now all I can think of is Alya with an eagle sitting on her arm.
sergi3020 sergi3020 Aug 04
Ladybug how could you forget what you just did?! Well its not like you can say I'm not interested in a nice way
Don't! Don't! Don't do it! I swear to fudge cakesvif you do it!
ChatonNoire ChatonNoire Aug 03
My baby ;-; I love you Chat, even if no one else does *sobs uncontrollably*
michmartins michmartins 3 days ago
The next akuma won't be chat because of the rejection 
                              The next akuma will be me destroying everything for getting too frustrated by their obliviousness