The Original....Werewolf?

The Original....Werewolf?

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☆`` łýñęřş▪☆ By QueenLamacorn Updated Nov 06

You all probably know that the werewolf species is much more older than vampires but somehow the vampires became the superior species. 

My kind (yes I'm a werewolf) has got about 2000 years on vampires. Sad thing is we aren't immortal...Well most of us aren't.

Me and my family have been around for a very long time. Since 1 AD.

I know right I'm old. Really old and with being old comes it's perks.

All those nifty tricks vampires have. We have them to.

I guess me and my family are a bunch of hybrids except for me. Im a different type of monster.

So there's this family, 'The Mikealsons', saying that they're the oldest family out there. Well they better be in for a surprise.

The Petrovas are coming and it's going to be one hell of a battle.

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