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Yandere!ticci Toby X Reader

Yandere!ticci Toby X Reader

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whoa there buddy By disgrxce Updated Sep 26, 2016

You're a normal teen, with a normal life. Like most teens, you sometimes hear things calling your name. You usually turn around, asking whose there - but greeted b ynothing. You shrug it off, you live in the bad part of town, anyway. 

Or maybe you're being stalked by an old friend of yours. 

                          read to find out!
<                                                                                         >

I do not own anything but the story, Ticci Toby belongs to Kastoway and you belong to yourself. Yes - i am aware Masky is not a creepypasta, he is a character in Marble Hornets. case closed.

Also, i will be using they/them pronouns so everyone may read this story.

Darkwolf198687 Darkwolf198687 Aug 20, 2016
Oh, come on! Under the bed is the obvious spot, why not make him go on a freaking treasure hunt!
cweppypasta cweppypasta Oct 23, 2016
*rolls eyes* I'm off of school for a week I don't wanna think about maths!!!
alliewolfgamming alliewolfgamming Dec 21, 2016
Pls no math! Its almost holiday break and I dont want to get attacked by math! *Covers head* (°^°)
32(y+10) + 29y + 3(y + 5) =
                                 32y + 320 
                              + 29y
                                 60y + 320
                              + 3y +     15
                              64y + 335
Msjrwh12 Msjrwh12 Sep 19, 2016
... I would yave left the house and gone to a friends to lye liw or the police. Anywhere away from that house. Also Toby you jerk. I thought you were dead!* Smacks*
Purple_Flames_1 Purple_Flames_1 Sep 30, 2016
I think it's 63y+328 idk if I'm right though I just wanted to try