Falling for miniminter (sequel) *completed*

Falling for miniminter (sequel) *completed*

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Minterlove By minterlove Completed

(Sequel to Falling For Miniminter)

After having a year long relationship with Simon Mirrin got an offer from a university in Scotland to study there for 2 years resulting in Simon and Mirrin breaking up and going their separate ways. 

Now Mirrin is moving back to London, Will she still have feelings for Simon? Will he have feelings for her? Has either of them met someone new? Are there any hard feelings left from before?

*This story will probably not make sense if you haven't read Falling For Miniminter so I recommend reading this after F F M or you could just read this it's up to you

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Mine is Valentines day. I love to be loved. The cuddles are the best! ❤😍
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