Worth the wait. | Shelax

Worth the wait. | Shelax

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Destiny By Lilen8 Completed

"So, are we a thing?" I asked Max.
"I don't know... Do you want to be?" He replied, looking into my eyes
"Mabye just keep it a secert for now.." I sighed. 
"You know how that will turn out to Shelby right? Every fan fiction ever!" He joked
"Yeah I guess you're right," I laughed, "but we can try, right?" 


This is the first story i've ever made! The most popular too. If you like this, go give some of my other stories a read. Maybe follow me? Enjoy the story!

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i know dis may be a wittle rude but doesnt adam call shelby "Shumpy" no offense im loving it so far like no joke bro
CezzDahPerson CezzDahPerson Oct 30, 2016
I'm fangirling already and I don't know why!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maoup098 Maoup098 Feb 24
Even the people watching through the fourth wall were smiling
Maoup098 Maoup098 Feb 24
Let me translate for you guys she means "I'm so happier because I get to see Max" just so you guys know
DeQueensBleh DeQueensBleh Aug 25, 2016
I think ur writin is better than mine. And mine sucks. That's why I made my account a shared one XD. But in all seriousness, I think ur an awesome writer