Her Reason [Slow update]

Her Reason [Slow update]

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rawoya By rawoya Updated Oct 18

They think that I can't hear them but every word that is said is heard by me. as I once heard someone say.

'Watch what you say because even the walls have ears'

I don't take what they say to heart, well I try not to take what they say to heart because I know why I am like this, why I dress like this. My reasons behind all of this.

I do this to please our one and only creator, Allah Subhannah Wa Ta'ala.

But it doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt me, it does, wallahi the words that I hear sometimes cause me to cry myself to sleep, they don't know that.

'Although a tongue has no bones, it is still strong enough to break a heart'

And that is exactly what they are doing to me breaking my heart. With every word that is said a piece of me cracks. 

But their is nothing that I could say, because speaking is something that is impossible for a Mute.

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vampy___gal vampy___gal Jul 13
Ur quotes well said.. I love reading ur books because I learn so many things frm ur quotes :)
Mashallah!!! How do you find quotes like that? It very inspiring
taqiali6 taqiali6 Aug 02
wow..... nyc chapter..... adam good going..... paige u deserved it
This is the reality that we are unaware of.. hats off to those who still live with all these difficulties
vampy___gal vampy___gal Jul 13
Tada tada tada so it's Adam huh
                              It's Adam whom kept sending msgs to her
Jinn_hijabi Jinn_hijabi Jun 16
woww!! Though she is mute....she knows, how to explain things!!!