Meet me on the Equinox

Meet me on the Equinox

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The Rules of the dark never really mattered to Natalie, a beauty turned sassy queen,  but what will happen when the person whom she just met will reset her priorities, somersault her opinions and give her something she never expected - A Promise. Check out this story to reveal all the secrets. About the world that isnt scared about the darkness,About promises which cost. About a life you can never imagine. Something to keep you hanging, no? 

This book is dedicated to @ashfire.. An awesome person and splendid writer and I might add, my inspiration..

A/N :-  Hi everyone! So this my first book so don't be too rude to me. Please give  my book a try! I know there will be some mistakes here and there and you are free to point them out and give suggestions about what  you want to happen with the story. The first few chapters are short but the chapters get way better after first few in length and quality
 I hope you like  it!
Do not copy, reproduce or steal my work. It is forbidden.

Cover by @timmytee013.   She is amazing!

lizzyslaw lizzyslaw Jul 06
Hmmm, I have not read your work. Intend to start now. Your A/N is refreshingly honest and draws me to read your work. Beautiful start. I am willing to bet your books will be beautiful because your bio and intro is already captivating. 14??? Awesome!!!😘😘😘
sellysona sellysona Sep 24
Liked first chapter.. Surely made me intersted to know more about Natalie and the story..
Author_Bae Author_Bae Sep 02
LOOOOONDOOOON! I'll say hi to your grandma and your mum, Natalie :3
PrableenBal PrableenBal Oct 17
Babe just read 2 chapters .u write so good. U will become a genius writer.
Author_Bae Author_Bae Sep 02
Grammar nazi here!  If you wrote this on computer then it's understandable. If you wrote this on phone then do this: long press the 'I' letter on the keypad 》 tap 'ï'.
                              'Naive' is spelt naïve. #TheMoreYouKnow love the story so far BTW
Just_Bre5 Just_Bre5 Sep 19
Ok so u shouldn't do exclamation points like tht really especially in the first sentence and don't make her words so exaggerated but other than tht I like the book