Mr. Min | yoonkook

Mr. Min | yoonkook

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zara By min-zara Updated 4 days ago

❝m-mr. min, w-what are you-❞

❝you're so deviously hot, baby boy❞

in which min suga can't seem to keep his hands off of a certain bunny boy; 

| Was Nominated for The Fiction Awards 2017 |

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gukkiescar gukkiescar Sep 30, 2017
Same. Hi, my name's gukkiescar and i can hardly afford education.
insane_and_weird insane_and_weird Dec 28, 2017
Find a sugar daddy
                              Or should I say 
                              Find a SugA daddy?
                              Okay I need to stop. Please ignore me
xxxiblcto xxxiblcto Apr 22, 2017
Okay I read a jikook fanfiction where Jimin was a maid but NOT ONCE WOULD I EVER IMAGINE OR CONSIDER JUNGKOOK IN A MAIDS DRESS
Jamkookie123 Jamkookie123 Oct 16, 2016
A maid please tell me he has to wear a dress. I could only imagine.