Anime Yaoi One-shots (Uke!Male character x M!reader)

Anime Yaoi One-shots (Uke!Male character x M!reader)

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Rhiannon Jade Martinus By Hisuimagi Updated Aug 05, 2017

Hisuimagi: As I'm busy with my three other stories I shall get my other stuff going by making a new book. This features Anime!Males. Why I not think of thus before? I don't know 'cause it never occurred to me. Don't worry my Uke!DL series shall continue but this one will ze other peoplz  from ze other anime (My spelling though! -_-) But I will only do Anime which I know. Here they are

Naruto (Who doesn't know Naruto)
Tokyo Ghoul (.... Uwaah! T^T. You know why I'm crying!)
Kuroko no Basuke
Attack on Titan 
KHR (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
Full metal Alchemist
DRAMAtical Murder
Haikyuu! (Suga-twan~ ^\\\\^)

First of the two One-shots I shall start this thing off is a Kise x Male Reader!

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pugs_in_a_mug pugs_in_a_mug Jun 24, 2017
Could you maybe do Asahi x seme male reader? Maybe lemon if you do it?
luna_kuroko luna_kuroko Sep 28, 2017
Prussia x male reader 
                              Russia x male reader 
                              switzerland x male reader 
                              Iceland x male reader 
                              latvia x male reader
Trang-Bui Trang-Bui Jan 27, 2017
A threesome with Seme!Male Reader x Noiz and Koujaku Lemon please