Dreams that able to Fulfill •NCTFanFiction•Completed

Dreams that able to Fulfill •NCTFanFiction•Completed

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xPauusr18x By pauline_0299 Updated May 30, 2017

Mark Lee Fan Fiction | NCT ⭐️

-dreamers that chases their dreams-

Are you one one of them? Or your willing to be one of them? 

 ⭐️It's about a simple girl trying to fulfill her dreams as an idol on sm ent. Before she became an idol, there's a lot of risk and problems, but still never give up to be able to be an idol

First she became an smrookie, that's how her story begun. But then she felt like she's having a feeling on her fellow  rookies. Wanna know how?⭐️

Could it be 나 재 민 or 마 크

Don't hesitate and dream guys! This book is all about encouraging all of us on never stop dreaming and believe in urself✨


Huhh!! Don't u ever realize that NCT's songs are all about dreams ? Like the 7th sense, NCT Dream, ten's Dream in dream <they were all connected>

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karmabaee karmabaee May 30, 2017
I had many dreams but now i really want to be a singer or an actress
karmabaee karmabaee Mar 10, 2017
I cant click on the link, and the girl could be probably me expect for the yt channel…
wannaonces wannaonces Sep 18, 2016
I am 13 years old and I became a kpop fan when I was 8 too 😱