NBS † lashton ✓

NBS † lashton ✓

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Lucas Hemmings is apart of a gang called New Broken Scene, they are known as rebellious, loud, and bad. Everyone is cautious about them, hoping they don't get in their way. He's the leader of the gang and people are most afraid of him. Girls can't help but fall for his charming smile and attractive features and tattoos.

Ashton Irwin is a normal teenage boy that wouldn't hurt a fly. He's from a rich family so he's forced to wear expensive clothing and act mature. He recently moved from Adelaide so he doesn't know about New Broken Scene. One day a person from the gang was looking for bait and saw him, he decide to let him in. He never knew that the leader of the gang would fall for him...

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Justice looks like the biggest fuckboi in the world like not even Jacob can have that much fuckboi-ness
We already know Luke and Michael are hot but damn johnny and Justice
Justice has hair the size of Michaels dïck. It’s fücking huge.
Ashton "Ash" Irwin
                              Age 18
                              Position: rich new kid. Prom and proper, clueless. Has the hots for Luke. 
                              lol I kept giggling when I typed this.