Shared Love (Ayano Aishi x Fem. Reader)

Shared Love (Ayano Aishi x Fem. Reader)

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AnimeAddictionIssue By AnimeAddictionIssue Updated Nov 16, 2016

This is it, you're finally a student at Akademi High School, the reason you decided to move on your own to Buraza Town. New city, new friends, new school, what could go wrong?

Cover By: MeliHatsune (Deviant)

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the characters, places, or you.

TheToxicGalaxy TheToxicGalaxy 7 days ago
I saw this while looking for Yuri!!! On Ice fanfics so I got this to see how this turns out.
yanderefox13 yanderefox13 Dec 19, 2016
No, I'm actually a yandere myself... Hence the name, "yanderefox13"
BriSkiLe BriSkiLe Jan 03
Its literally 4:45am and i havent slept plus i have to go to school at 8am😂👌
Oh, I think you spelled Awkward wrong. 
                              Swell story, by the way 😄
-washedaway -washedaway Dec 27, 2016
More like for
                              Uh I can't think of anything
                              So you put in your senpai shrine
YouTube_Is_Life56 YouTube_Is_Life56 Dec 19, 2016
                              SAVED OLYMPUS'S BUTT FIFTEEN TIMES WITH MY BROS. 
                              But tbh I'm a huge dork, book nerd, and a bit awkward. Lol who am I kidding? I'm soo awkward. And I'm introverted