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The Nerds A Street fighter *COMPLETED*

The Nerds A Street fighter *COMPLETED*

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M By mirandashorty Completed




I will edit this book but when I have alot of free time on my hands. 

There is ALOT of grammar mistakes and other mistakes on this story. Which I apologize for.

Once again this book has many errors in grammar. So please dont point it out in the comments since I already know this book has many grammar errors. 

If you have any promblem with a cliche story then don't even bother to read it.

This book has spanish in it. I'm Mexican American so dont even try and correct me in my Spanish. There is some misspelled Spanish words here but that's because my phone isn't generated for Spanish.

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Alexis Gonzalez has always been the nerd of the school. However In reality she's actually a streetfighter. One of the best girl streetfighters.
She was trained by Damian who was a teenager at the time raised her since after her parents died in a house fire.

Since then she practiced fighting once she for older and sooner or later she became a pretty good streetfighter.

But.. As always something goes wrong.
Ups and downs and bumpy roads come along her path.
Even someone trying to kill her. But.. Why?

First Chapter Updated On: 
June 3, 2016

Last Chapter Updated On: 
January 26, 2017

Completed: Yes

Cover by ---Divine---

Last paragraph be like Damien:okie little 5 year old Alex:6 me :xD
bianca-redfern bianca-redfern Dec 03, 2016
Awe that is so sweet how they met and he'll even for 6 years old she awesome asf
ThePika-Girl ThePika-Girl Jul 24, 2016
why no comments on this? and before people say, "six year olds can't talk like that!" it depends on how matured they are. I know a six year old who watches fnaf and knows cuss words!!_!!
fuckinpasta fuckinpasta Sep 06, 2016
                              Him: Bow? *scoffs*
                              I SAID BOW. *bends him and knees his stomach*
                              Him: AGH!
LiveLove_Writing LiveLove_Writing Aug 28, 2016
I love this story already 
                              Glasses on = nerd
                              Glasses off = street fighting champ