The Nerds A Street fighter

The Nerds A Street fighter

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Alexis Gonzalez has always been seen as the 'nerd' 'geek' in high school. But in outside of school and behind those glasses she isn't the nerd everyone suspects. 
Her parents died in a fire when she was 6. Only one person has been they're by her side and that's her Street fighter trainer Damian. He's been their for her since her parents died. He thought her how to fight and protect her self. So he practically raised her. He turned her into the best girl Street fighter in the whole town.
But now someone is after to kill her? Someone from the past of her parents... Who is it? Will she survive? Or die?

bianca-redfern bianca-redfern 3 days ago
Awe that is so sweet how they met and he'll even for 6 years old she awesome asf
why no comments on this? and before people say, "six year olds can't talk like that!" it depends on how matured they are. I know a six year old who watches fnaf and knows cuss words!!_!!
-XxKarmaxX- -XxKarmaxX- Sep 06
                              Him: Bow? *scoffs*
                              I SAID BOW. *bends him and knees his stomach*
                              Him: AGH!
I love this story already 
                              Glasses on = nerd
                              Glasses off = street fighting champ