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Taylor found her at a hotel while he was on a business trip. She was in desperate need of help. He was in desperate need of an assistant. He thought he was doing a good deed by taking her in. He had no clue the woman who started out depending on him, would end up making him depend on her in more ways than one.  

Kaitlyn thought her life was finally over when he ex-boyfriend left her to defend for herself at a hotel.  Completely out of money and nearly starving, she realizes she would end up on the streets.  However, when a handsome man approaches her offering her a job and a new life, she finds herself "kept."

Despite Taylor being arrogant, demanding and a man use to getting his way, Kaitlyn falls in love with him. Can she get him to stop seeing her as his little pet and start seeing her as his soul mate?

  • business-romance
  • bw-wm
  • interracial
He wants a personal assistant. She gotta start somewhere. At least she got 2 outta 3 on the list checked. Go run that white boy's life, fatten him up, and him up and collect a check boo!
AngelTC AngelTC Sep 08
Tell me why someone in my class thought Atlanta, Georgia was a country???
iam_nae_ iam_nae_ Oct 03
Meee 😂😭😂 I legit feel like crying when I'm starving
iam_nae_ iam_nae_ Oct 03
No nigga no matter how in love am with him will ever make me do some shît like that.
Charlizei Charlizei Oct 01
😂😂😂😂😂 I always do this, my take name is Angela.
katyanimal katyanimal Dec 02
She spent her last 3$ on simple snacks... Really😩😩 she could've went to Dollar general dollar tree, ANYWHERE that had the dollar pack of noodles and got 3 packs of them