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Mrs.PARK .. or  Mr.BYUN .. ?[On hiatus ]

Mrs.PARK .. or Mr.BYUN .. ?[On hiatus ]

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thianaPCY By thianaPCY Updated Jan 15, 2018

Baekhyun is 18 yrs old college 
 student whose parents were one of the most famous businessmen in south korea 5 yrs ago..
But because of a cheater mostly a traitor their business fell..and finally they became one of the middle-class family because they never wanted the traitor to be in the jail as he too was once their friend 

Mr Park is a well known businessman in Korea as well as in America. He's a very loyal friend and never ever breaks a promise so here he goes putting his son in to trouble in order to keep his promise

Will you take this byun as your husband Mr Park the priest asked

Yes i will

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