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;) Wink Wonk (; By EllaBae3 Updated Feb 26, 2017

Zane has been struggling with a small depression originated from his lack of friends. Aphmau was still there but he was jealous of her, not the he would admit it.

One day something changed for Zane. Something, no someone took away his pain and replaced it with love.

His name was Travis.

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dat-shipper-boi dat-shipper-boi Sep 10, 2017
I will get the entire earth to clean with me
                              Tbh change that With into a for
dat-shipper-boi dat-shipper-boi Sep 10, 2017
I didn't know I was in this story*reads more*
                              HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND ;-;
IvY_IsH_CrAzEh IvY_IsH_CrAzEh Sep 11, 2017
Whoever hates gay ppl r stupid asf -3- Gay ppl are awesome so are LGBT :3 okie bai
xxBlackxxRosesxx xxBlackxxRosesxx Nov 03, 2017
I don't usually get dreams. just there something wrong with me?
FriedPotatoOnAStick FriedPotatoOnAStick Oct 22, 2017
That's what my room looks like, I've been having bad nights 😞
CielPhantomhiveBacon CielPhantomhiveBacon Sep 27, 2017
Same Zane but not friends with Aph but friends with no one.
                              (I generally hate everyone but have to act like I don't so my family won't  disown me they also want me to have friends so I have fake friends... And people wonder why I'm suppressing my emotions)