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SHUT UP HEATHER!!! By EllaBae3 Updated Feb 26

Zane has been struggling with a small depression originated from his lack of friends. Aphmau was still there but he was jealous of her, not the he would admit it.

One day something changed for Zane. Something, no someone took away his pain and replaced it with love.

His name was Travis.

Is it weird that I don't like aphmau's vids much but still ship zanvis ?
rainbowkitty1220 rainbowkitty1220 3 days ago
I love rading fanfics cause o can hear their canon voices in my head and garroth's voice is on point lol
Why does everyone relate?! I guess I'm the only person who likes comfort when I'm hurt
One I dreamed I jumped off a roof and fell back the stars and lights were so pretty and calming yet time seemed slower
rainbowkitty1220 rainbowkitty1220 3 days ago
Im laying in bed trying to be death silent and I inhailed after silently giggling and I made the tiniest noise
I roleplay with my bf as Travis (he's ZU ZU) so this makes me sad