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Sonadow Phantoms

Sonadow Phantoms

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TinyBirb By TinyBirb Updated Jan 18

Sonic's an ordinary blue hedgehog who attends Emerald High in his small hometown. He's usually left alone, being the only child and his parents always at work.
Shadow may look like an ordinary hedgehog but in fact he's a phantom slayer. He's having difficulty keeping the good and bad phantoms on check and it gets even more difficult when some of the bad phantoms start to target sonic for some unknown reason.
He checks on sonic without him knowing until one of the phantoms decides to reveal itself and attack Sonic, and shadow has no choice but to reveal himself as well. What will happen to the two hedgehogs?

P.s this is my first sonadow story so well this is a try, I'm not against any couples, gays, lesbians or anything like that. This story is a try.

rougue14 rougue14 Aug 31, 2016
I was having a little fangirl fit over how his tail would look like wagging.
horseylove91 horseylove91 Oct 16, 2016
The way you made the intro sound!! I've e
                              Never heard of a sonadow story like this!! I'm interested..
I always have like talking animal, and I'd hope Kuthi wouldn't be an exception. It was a nice touch to introduce him in the story, it make it a bit more mysterious. :3
                              Heh. Firsts chapters and I think I like it. Sonic is so cute X3