|More than it seems..| -A sonadow story-

|More than it seems..| -A sonadow story-

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TinyBirb By TinyBirb Updated Jan 06

!!Was originally Phantoms, but I decided to give it a name and title change. This is the same story but revised and much better!!

Sonic was used to living alone. 
His parents frequently disappeared, saying they had work to do. They never explained the work, but Sonic figured because it was probably boring. 

So that's how he lived, spending most of his time with his friends and just rolling with life. 
He never imagined it'd change, not at all. But it did. 

After being encountered by not so friendly, unexplainable creatures, he then met Shadow, a male with a past and occupation that he refused to say. 
The two get off at a rough start, but Shadow is determined to get the boy to understand the mess he is in. To try and understand what he is. 

But what is Sonic? Is he just a normal, young hedgehog living an easy life, or is there more than it seems? More that what even Sonic realizes? More than anyone could?


||Started: December 22nd, 2017||
||Ended: - ||

  • fantasy
  • love
  • romance
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  • sonadow
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Savage_Productions Savage_Productions Dec 22, 2017
Bro as soon as I clicked on the chapter the one thing I noticed was how small that one was  as the chapter title 😆😆😆😆
furever_a_fangirl furever_a_fangirl Dec 21, 2017