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Book 4 of the Alphabet Series
"Art is not sexy." Winter stated looking deeply in to the brown irises of Miles painted eyes. She could hear his deep voice calling upon her.
"Art is not sexy. Its pure sex. One brush stroke could bring you to orgasm."
Miles voices echoed in her tiny bedroom.
"No Art is not-"
"Let me finish. Only my brush strokes can bring you to an orgasm."
With that her body quivered.
There was more to this painting then Winter had first thought.
Miles spoke again; she could hear him smirking.
"A writer should write with her eyes, and a painter paint with his ears."
Winter knew then her orgasm would be his new master piece.

terry2love terry2love Apr 25
Black people do die first. But the white people are usually really stupid.
blxzinlirry blxzinlirry Apr 03
it's so true but we all know it real life we would've ran and left the scene so damn fast
Kerry0Niell Kerry0Niell Apr 23, 2016
Yeah, black ppl die first, but it's always the blond women who are idiots, so don't let it get to your head
juicyfruitqueen juicyfruitqueen May 01, 2015
yessss. I love arguing. It's a freaking skill which I'm awesome at!
MiaIsabella1 MiaIsabella1 Oct 26, 2014
I still don't see how the black people die first. The white people are the ones who make the most mistakes.
astronly astronly Oct 14, 2014
Didn't you say it was 80 degrees?? Well...firstly, 80degrees would set a fire and burn you alive..secondly, I think you may have gotten your temperatures wrong...
                              Ps. I'm sorry if I sounded mean or rude, I didn't mean to...