His Great Game (Sherlock x Reader)

His Great Game (Sherlock x Reader)

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Charismatic Sociopath By CharismaticSociopath Updated Sep 24

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You aren't exactly fond of Sherlock. He might be brilliant, but he's rude and arrogant. Not to mention he lives a dangerous life. As an American only staying in London for a year, you weren't exactly planning to hang around. But when a shocking turn of events leaves you moving into 221B, you find yourself constantly in the company of the great detective and John Watson. Perhaps you will find that Sherlock isn't so bad, after all.

You never wanted to get swept up into Moriarty's game, but once you have, you realize there is no escape. Sherlock is the only thing standing between your life and your death, but Moriarty threatens at every possible turn. Everything you both know will be tested. Will the game make you... or break you?


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SoB2003 SoB2003 Oct 10
16.5 Celsius?? Have you ever BEEN TO the Northeastern part of the US?? I would blend RIGHT in with those natives!
                              Except I would wear a light GAP navy blue sweater since those are my shields
Anything1D Anything1D Mar 24
Just by reading this note, you sound very smart. I look forward to start reading this thing.
Great, just what we needed. To meet Moriarty within 5 seconds
Haha thanks author for making me kinda like Moriaty for some reason
Ooh great place to set up my tissue stand! 10 cents for 2 tissues!
LoliLemon LoliLemon May 13
James Bond
                              James Potter
                              James Moriarty
                              HERE'S A JAMES FOR YOU
                              AND FOR YOU
                              AND YOU
                              YOU ALL GET JAMES'