Bend Over For Me... [White Angel #1]

Bend Over For Me... [White Angel #1]

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[Explicit Content: NC +17]
! You've Been Warned !

[Names: Aiden White and Angelica Rouge]

"How could you sell me?" I asked with teary eyes.
"Baby girl, you knew what this place was about. I can't keep you forever, I have to find you somewhere else to go. A new home so another man can take care of you, please come out so you can go to your new home." His hands came to me. I pushed it away. 
"NO! I want to stay with you, please let me stay." He sighs, I can tell he's becoming impatient but he would never scream at me.
"Baby... please be a good girl for daddy, and come out of the closet. I promise you that he will not hurt you and if he does, I'll always be there. You can call me at any time, any day when you feel a little homesick." My eyes were puffy from crying, but I could never disobey daddy. Slowly taking his hands, I step out armoire closet, he went on his knees looking up at me. "You've been with me for so long, I understand how you feel but sometimes daddy has to let his other little ones go. I wish I could keep each and every single one of you little cuties but I can't. Go on with your life, you might find someone better than me." His kind smile, makes my heart hurt more. Doesn't he know that I'm hurting, I don't want to leave with that kaka head. (A/n: Kaka head = Poop head)
"But I want you...." (See Preview for more)
 [White Angel #1]
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The president is maybe high middle class but he's not rich 😂 but no worries it's always been a misunderstanding
KpopMedicine KpopMedicine Oct 13, 2016
WHY IS HIS EYEBROWS SO LOW😂😂😂Talking about some daddy^^^😂😂😂😂
stephaniesosa101 stephaniesosa101 Jul 29, 2016
Oh my god, I am so interested in this book! I can't wait or more! Please update more soon, this book is just way to good! :)
MaarjaLuik MaarjaLuik Dec 27, 2016
                              This is super unnecessary thing but...
                              Kaka means poop in estonia
                              Is this ment to be like this or is this just a coincidence
"Inside he was jumping up and down." OMGG SO FLUFFIN CUTE I CANNOY
Now I see why she didn't want to leave. 😏😏 I mean I wouldn't either.