Daddy Cool *larry au* (mpreg)

Daddy Cool *larry au* (mpreg)

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"Listen," Harry said sternly, sitting up on the bed. "Don't interrupt...just don't even talk. Listen. I want what's best for my daughters, and sometimes, I don't think you are. You're not constant with your visits and you only care about being the cool, favoured dad instead of the one that cares about his daughters safety. If you want to be a part of their lives, you need to visit more often. Pick Katie up from daycare. Quit smoking. Put Emily on the trolley to school. Act like a real father. Then, maybe, I'll take you more seriously." He paused. "Got it?"


Louis was the perfect boyfriend. He was sweet, caring, and loving. Up until Harry gave birth to their daughter. 

After that Louis smoke, drank, and even started dating some girl. Now Louis' trying to be a better father.

peachlouie peachlouie Oct 09
I kinda hope harry gets a boyfriend/girlfriend too just to make louis jealous i just need it
people made fun of Briana when she tweeted about the "never be my baby sons mother" but I understand her. Even though this is all fake af I still felt bad TBH
That one moment when you drop your phone on your face... That was so irrelevant but it just happened so..
"You touched my child, you think your crazy I'll show you crazy"
If I was Harry oh myyyyyy goddd, Louis and Danielle wouldn't want to be living rn