Under The Lens ~ Loucel/Larcel Fanfic

Under The Lens ~ Loucel/Larcel Fanfic

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When two people fall in love, isn't it supposed to happen right away?  That when you first see them, that you know they're the one.

For Marcel, that happened, even if it was a complete jerk he fell for. A person who called him the occasional 'Geek' or 'Fag'. The person who made his life a living hell.

But for Louis, it's a different story. He hated the gay, much to nerdy guy that wore sweater vests and large hipster glasses known as Marcel. He hated him with all his heart... or so Louis thought.

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liquoricelarry liquoricelarry Feb 25, 2016
I'm so sorry bby xx everyone makes mistakes and the people that point them out like that need to fuçk off tbh
sophielovatt1213435 sophielovatt1213435 May 31, 2016
I really wish I could hug u right now I feel so sorry for u xx
_shewayout_ _shewayout_ Feb 14, 2016
I read half of this and forgot about it and now I have to re read this
Z_949103OneDirection Z_949103OneDirection May 14, 2016
Thats just them being thoughtless, theyve got to think about whats being said not the typos (and the smut, haha) so dont worry if there is a typo i will try work it out
Louis_is_not_on_top Louis_is_not_on_top Jan 04, 2016
thankyou for writing this, i think it needed to be said, people don't understand that sometimes people make mistakes
LarriesOreos LarriesOreos Dec 29, 2015
Ah, the thin line between hate and love. I think I might write about that... hmmm... yeah!!! Don't worry!!! I won't steal your story!!!