My One and Only~  (Phoenix Drop High Bad boy Zane X Reader)

My One and Only~ (Phoenix Drop High Bad boy Zane X Reader)

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Stab me??? By Pasidyrus Updated Jan 31

Y/N only knows one person in the whole new Highschool she's going to, and it's her neighbor... One of the 3 people she's talked to for a while. Last year in the summer, her parents got new jobs so they had to move. Being a Freshman at a new school is NOT gonna be fun...
Zane was the person you didn't want to mess with, or else him and his gang-The shadow Knights- would find a way to get that individual back. Oldest of the Ro'Maeave brothers (yes, I know Garroth is the oldest but I'm changing the ages so deal with it!), he makes everybody younger afraid to be friends with his little brothers Garroth and half brother Vylad. 
*This story is based off a 1-hour fanfiction thing my friends and I did. The one suggested I make it a story so I said Sure! And now you get this!*
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