Diabolik Lovers Yaoi One-shots

Diabolik Lovers Yaoi One-shots

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Elza Queen By Lizzycake Updated Jul 12

Shuu was laying down on the couch listening to music when suddenly Reiji walked in 

Reiji: Do you ever do something else that laying down and sleeping?

Shuu: Oh you would like that wouldn't you brother?

Reiji: Whatever

Suddenly Shuu got up from the couch, sighing he walked towards Reiji

Reijij: Oh so you finally decided to do something with your life

But Shuu said nothing, witch made Reiji a little worried, cause deep, deep, deep down, he actually loved Shuu, that's why he always pretended to hate him

Shuu: How about I do this

Once Shuu said that he leaned in and and kissed Reiji. Reiji felt how his face turned red, but he kissed back as he moaned into kiss,

Shuu: Now be a good little brother and give me your blood

Reiji: It's all yours

Shuu leaned in to Reijis neck and was about to bite him when he suddenly stopped and smirked. Reiji could feel his older brother hot breath on his neck, he had waited so long to do this, he always declined his feelings for his older brother, ...

SheDevilMJ SheDevilMJ Jul 28
BABIES!!! WTF MAN and poor Ruki he must have loved Subaru or Kou in that way too!
I would defiantly be Ruki like:
                              I'm not crying stupid I got some thing in-in m-my eye
*explodes with a nosebleed and falls on the ground* I can die now *soul comes out*
Laito is now officially my relative and my closest relative 😜
I like the trolls u do at the end. 'And had many babies' lol
I ship it too.... for once Laito and I have something in common we are ship royalists