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❝ i love you, never forget that. ❞ 

ㅡ in which kim taehyung moves into a house haunted by min yoongi

{lowercase intended}


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She-Us She-Us Dec 23, 2017
I'm scared, I don't think it will have a happy happy end but I'm gonna read anyway
jimilku jimilku Aug 06, 2017
HmmmHmmmHmmmm this fandom doesn't have enough Taegi ghost fics 👀👀👀👀
IJimInNowICantJimOut IJimInNowICantJimOut Nov 17, 2017
This sounds to me like the phrase someone would say to their one and only before committing suicide or something 😭😭💔
lilwonpil lilwonpil Jan 14
hello fellow readers it is i , your beloved author lilwonpil. i want to torture myself by reading my own cringy fanfic