(WATTY AWARDS 2013) Speak Now:  A Fred Weasley Love Story

(WATTY AWARDS 2013) Speak Now: A Fred Weasley Love Story

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LAUREN By _Justnotsane_ Updated Aug 07, 2017

Nicolette Hunter has entered into her Fourth year at Hogwarts; best friends Fred and George Weasley torturing and defending her every step of the way. 
Nicki has always had a hard time growing up, with her father murdered while she was just a baby, she lived a fatherless childhood. She has spent most of her days at the Weasleys, but after all the time Fred and Nicki spent together over the years, will sparks fly?

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Lokis_Cat Lokis_Cat Sep 10, 2017
Wrong, this is Edward Cullen, also known as a sparkling fairy princess
xxsearchingformorexx xxsearchingformorexx Apr 17, 2017
Imagine Lucius turning around and saying "Oooh you just got burned real good." in his most regal voice.
StydiaQueen_ StydiaQueen_ Apr 27, 2017
The name Nicolette reminds me of Niklaus from the vampire diaries
Stydiahi Stydiahi Dec 18, 2016
I feel as if I'm going to fall in love with with Nikki and Cedric and he is going to do something really messed up
-drarrycakes -drarrycakes Oct 08, 2016
and that's why you don't drop your soap in the shower sweetie;)😂
-drarrycakes -drarrycakes Oct 08, 2016
I once said that to my neighbour and his dad yelled at me... I wonder if he still remembers