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(WATTY AWARDS 2013) Speak Now:  A Fred Weasley Love Story

(WATTY AWARDS 2013) Speak Now: A Fred Weasley Love Story

201K Reads 4.2K Votes 24 Part Story
LAUREN BEAN By _Justnotsane_ Completed

Nicolette Hunter has entered into her Fourth year at Hogwarts; best friends Fred and George Weasley torturing and defending her every step of the way. 
Nicki has always had a hard time growing up, with her father murdered while she was just a baby, she lived a fatherless childhood. She has spent most of her days at the Weasleys, but after all the time Fred and Nicki spent together over the years, will sparks fly?

ohanadjhansen ohanadjhansen Jul 21, 2016
My mom says that whenever I simply pick up my phone😂😂😂
-drarrycakes -drarrycakes Oct 08, 2016
and that's why you don't drop your soap in the shower sweetie;)😂
BeautifulMystery369 BeautifulMystery369 Aug 08, 2016
The bestest characters are cookie monster and Oscar the grouch
dramione416 dramione416 Jun 17, 2016
This is how my mom feels when I read depressing books or listen to depressing music... She hates it.
-drarrycakes -drarrycakes Oct 08, 2016
I once said that to my neighbour and his dad yelled at me... I wonder if he still remembers
AnnikaMonge AnnikaMonge Jun 25, 2016
Elmo is a pimp. 
                              Please tell me someone knows where this is from....