Percy Jackson and Maximum Ride

Percy Jackson and Maximum Ride

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Fia By safisarod Updated Jun 29, 2016

Jeb examined the thick manila folder on his desk once more. It contained information about many potential candidates. Maximum Ride and her flock had a new mission, even though they didn't know it. 

But they would need help this time, so Jeb was going to make more avian children to help them.

He looked back down at the files in front of him. There were so many names . . . so many. But he would only choose four.

And choose he did.

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outofchips outofchips May 08, 2016
I believe Percy would do this because one of his weaknesses is he wouldn't want his friends to be killed for something he did .
biologyinaction biologyinaction Mar 14, 2016
Maximum Ride and Percy Jackson books are some of my favorite things
Blade-Of-Spirit Blade-Of-Spirit Jul 02, 2016
Percy: How?
                              Jason: Nico. Or Thanatos. They both owe me a favor.
DigitalIceBlock DigitalIceBlock Oct 14, 2016
Dobby never meant to kill, Dobby only meant to Maine or seriously injure.
LycanFan48 LycanFan48 Jan 10, 2016
Note to self: 
                              Never doze off on the beach while with friends.
KrazykidGaming KrazykidGaming Dec 14, 2015
This is a really cool combination of maximum ride and percy jackson