Bad Luck

Bad Luck

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Serena Yvonne, an 18 year old girl who has just finished high school, didn't just earn a scholarship, but she has already been employed as a photojournalist, one of the meager jobs she has always wished to have. Her first day on the job and she gets to- go to a concert?

The beloved Ash Ketchum, one of the most famous battlers around, has arrived in Kalos for his grand tour!

Already, before anything has even happened, Serena knows she has a bucketload of bad luck riding along her shoulders. After all, Ash, who she would be photographing for the new article of Lumiose News, was her childhood knight in shining armor... And perhaps, just maybe, he was her childhood crush.

But, let's see. Maybe that bad luck isn't bad after all.

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_pokeanime_ _pokeanime_ May 17, 2016
Pretty nice idea as usual. But a bit rushed, as you already said.
The_Izzy_Show The_Izzy_Show Jan 24, 2017
Thx, I'm actually welcome somewhere! The spelling officer is ready!
G_Kraemer G_Kraemer Feb 01, 2017
My kind is finally welcome! Just know, I genuinely want to help the authors, I don't do any of it out of malice.
TheMidnightVampire TheMidnightVampire May 08, 2016
                              WHY TEARS
                              I WAS JUST ALL LIKE
TravlynFan TravlynFan Aug 28, 2016
Yay!!! My mom just doesn't let me be the grammar police. Thanks a lot