Take me home (darkiplier X reader)

Take me home (darkiplier X reader)

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Maddy ⚓️ By _xXx_Maddy_xXx_ Completed

"Dad I don't want to go here! My friends are up in a normal Highschool!" I yelled at my dad.

"I don't care princess. It will be better down here. Now get in the car." He snapped at me. 

"I don't really like you at this moment." I slammed the car door and buckled my seat belt.

"Trust me. Everyone there is nice." He smiled.

"I bet since there demons..." I trail off

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la_devoted la_devoted May 26
                              Except for the human part 
                              I'm part wolf :^) (it's actually in my blood and idk how don't question me. Might be some Indian thing idk)
If I chose to I could probably kill someone in a heartbeat and get away  with it with  a sweet smile
I will kill a fly no matter what! I'm not innocent!! And I sometimes think of myself as a demon!!!
Am I going to be like Mikan from Gakuen Alice who doesn't think she has an Alice but then she does and it's a rare Alice?
xXArdenSenpaiXx xXArdenSenpaiXx Jul 25, 2016
"He would be rude and kill people sometimes" OH YA NO BIG DEAL
EchoSkySeeker EchoSkySeeker Aug 22, 2016
Mom's human, dad's a demon, yet is 100% human... 
                              There's something wrong with that math....