Solstice (Wattys2017)

Solstice (Wattys2017)

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Sophia Gray By sophgray Updated Dec 15, 2017

T H E  S E R P A  is a collar that counts down each spoken word. The limit is 1000. Reach zero, and you die. Remain silent, and you live.
  T R O Y  is a simulation carried out by the government of Cura each year. Those that survive it have their serpas removed at the Solstice, a celebration aired across the state. 
  E N Y O  has an ailing grandmother and a mother awaiting trial in prison. Her word count is dangerously low for a seventeen-year-old, and although she's never wanted it, this is the year she applies for Troy. She tells herself it's for the sake of her family, but as she enters the simulation, her priorities are dangerously warped.
  A R E S  lives in Enyo's memories of the distant past. His presence in Troy is a mystery, but Enyo is determined to find out who he really is, even if it means sacrificing her real life back at home. He hides a secret about her own family, and uncovering it might save her before it's too late.
      [Highest ranking - #5 in sci-fi]
      [Currently entered in the 2017 WATTYS!]

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poetic_Zaya poetic_Zaya May 27, 2017
Dear Author.....❤
                              Your book is super interesting
                              Its catchy and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it .... Hope I finish it
apricityxX apricityxX Jul 30, 2017
I feel like everyone would live forever if they just learned sign language or texted each other everything instead of talked
SeeleyK SeeleyK May 11, 2017
...well I guess I'm glad I can write because I'm not joking I would be dead in a day. This is such an intriguing summary! Can't wait to read more
JinsPinkTiara JinsPinkTiara May 07, 2017
I think I could do it...Sometimes I just don't feel like talking and + we could just text
_useless_paperclip_ _useless_paperclip_ Jul 28, 2017
I mean, I'm huge into grammar and spelling but I feel ya, if I reread my stuff I lose interest and I feel like it'll never be good enough so I give up. Don't give up! I'm excited to read it!
TheMemeQueen_ TheMemeQueen_ Jul 17, 2017
Nooo I rant and vent way too much I'd die after one rant session